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Ezra Long
Ezra Long

Download and Install Vertex Standard Programming Software for Your VX-180 & VX-180 Radios

hello radiotronics customer service, i am having an issue with my vertex vx-180. when i try and program it with the software update i get the error that there are no buttons available for programming. i have not noticed this before with other firmware. i am loading an updated firmware version. i think it is the vx-0700. i cannot update the settings on the radio if i can't program it first. i know you support the vx-180, but does anyone know of a way to correct this issue with the software update?thank youjeff

vertex vx-180 programming software download


i searched my email. the only email address they have on their website is very old. i tried contacting them via the email and it bounced back. i am still trying to find a way to download the software as i am not sure whether i need version 1 or 3 of the software. i tried contacting them and am still waiting for a reply. these are the serial numbers for the radio:

good luck - since i have a radio in this range, i can't offer any help in this forum - ask the author for assistance if you get stuck. i'm seeing programming capabilities not available for the entire mark iv and mark ii series now - largely through the mark iii programming.

i'm looking for a solution for programming my vertex mark iin-hu. i have researched everything available on the interwebs and can't find one. if anyone has had success with programming the vx-180 with any of the available software, please let me know.

though it may be a bit much to ask, i am hoping that someone here may have some experience with a vertex vx-90 and the mark-ii/-iii version of the software that came with it. i would love to use that programming software to program this vertex, but i simply cannot get it to work.


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