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Ezra Long
Ezra Long

2. Heathens !FULL!

Chicago-based rapper Vic Mensa performed a freestyle over the instrumental of the track.[21] Opening with the band's chorus, the "heathens freestyle" features Mensa rapping for two minutes straight.[22] His verse touches on real-life violence, providing insight into what he experienced first-hand growing up on the South Side of Chicago.[21][22] The song's lyrics contain self-referential jokes regarding his sampling of Twenty One Pilots as well as a reference to the film Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century.[22] Vic Mensa appeared in a cover art inspired by The Joker to accompany the freestyle.[21] "Heathens" was covered by metal band Halestorm, for their cover album, Reanimate 3.0, released on January 6, 2017.[23] The song was covered by the American indie pop band Blondfire.[24] "Heathens" was featured in the Twenty One Pilots Mashup by Kurt Hugo Schneider, featuring VoicePlay.[25]

2. Heathens

Stream/Download on your preferred platform here: @earmilk for the premiere: -releases-electrifying-cover-of-twenty-one-pilots-heathens-premiere/Follow

Additionally, positive tolerance of heretics and heathens allows those provinces to contribute to religious unity (see above). Penalties from negative tolerance, and any contribution to religious unity whether positive or negative, are ignored in provinces assigned to trade companies. 041b061a72


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