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Download Song Roar By Katy Perry |VERIFIED|

Miriam Coleman from Rolling Stone appreciated the songs's "easy poppy beat" and its "repeated refrains", factors she believed contributed to make the song a "determined note for the new album".[27] James Montgomery of MTV described it as "one of the more perfect pop songs to come down the pipeline in quite a while". Gerrick D. Kennedy from Los Angeles Times also gave a positive review, classifying "Roar" as a "sweet, poppy confection with a bit of bite".[28][29] Melinda Newman from HitFix saw the song as a "change of pace" for Perry,[30] whilst Andrew Hampp from Billboard believed it to be a return to the style of her album One of the Boys, but criticized its tempo and its lyrics that "rarely rise above easy clichés and rhymes".[31] Sal Cinquemani from Slant Magazine described the song as "more of a yelp than a roar".[32]

download song roar by katy perry

On August 31, 2013, "Roar" debuted at number one on the Canadian Hot 100 on the strength of digital downloads.[57] In doing so, it became only the eleventh song to debut at number one on the chart, and it also became Perry's third number-one debut, making her the artist with most number-one debuts at the time.[57] It also became Perry's ninth Canadian Hot 100 number one, breaking the tie she shared with Rihanna for the most chart toppers. It has so far spent five non-consecutive weeks atop the chart.[58] "Roar" was also in the top of the Canadian Digital Chart for three non-consecutive weeks; there, it was Perry's sixth number-one single.[59] In Mexico, it reached number one on the Monitor Latino English-language airplay chart.[60]

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The video starts off in a painted jungle, with the word 'Roar' flashing off the screen. The video then transforms into live action as the music starts. Katy stumbles off the plane as a disheveled flight attendant. As day turns to night, Katy walks with her boyfriend through the jungle. He then gets eaten by a tiger. Perry becomes scared and runs to a river, where she begins to wash her face. After an alligator pops out of the water, she stumbles back. She is then surrounded by pairs of glowing eyes. While singing the chorus, Katy looks at her reflection in the water, which is a tiger. The glowing eyes then float into the air to form the head of a tiger. The next day, Katy breaks a high heel into a spear, and catches a banana. Katy then takes a shower using an elephant's water, and brushes an alligator's teeth. Katy then stumbles into a cave, where a cave painting depicts a human trying to hunt a tiger. The tiger then scares the human off, as well as deflects the arrows thrown by the humans. Katy exits the cave and stands by an adjacent waterfall overlooking the jungle. She then swings from a vine and looks at the view. While singing the chorus, Katy begins to build a weapon. Katy attracts the attention of the tiger that ate her boyfriend, and she traps him behind a door. After scaring the tiger with her "roar," Katy sits on a throne made out of leaves surrounded by the jungle animals. In another scene, Katy is taking selfies with her monkey friend. She is also painting an elephant's toenails in another interlaced scene. After the song ends, Katy wakes up on the plane, and steps out into the jungle. The scene freezes, returns to a painted effect, and the music video ends.

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