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Walker Farms

Walker Farms was originally chosen as the flower variety source for the orange blossom and saw palmetto honey used in "beehive beeproducts" Sampler Honey Set. This Sampler Honey Set made Oprah Winfrey's The O List "A few things I think are just great."-OPRAH

Walker produces and bottles many types of honey. “Our most popular varieties are orange blossom and saw palmetto,” he says. Wildflower honey is great for allergies. Walker Farms sells most of its honey wholesale across the country to companies that repackage and sell it under other labels. “The honey is especially popular with bakeries,” Walker says. “We also sell to local health-food stores in Naples and Fort Myers,” which market the honey under Walker’s name. What makes Walker’s honey unusually good is his processing method. Larger processors heat the honey to a high temperature (about 160 degrees) and run it through microfilters. The process—called polishing—kills most of the harmless enzymes in the honey that give it flavor, resulting in a bland, homogenized product. Walker heats his honey to about 103 to 110 degrees and filters through nylon mesh using only gravity feeds—no pressure and no pump. It cleans the honey minimally and retains its flavor, Walker explains.


6251 Bee Charmer Lane, North Fort Myers, FL, USA


Phone: (239) 543-8071


Mon - Fri

10 am - 5 pm


10 am - 5 pm



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