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Whitewashed Wood
Tigertoes Herbs and Teas

We harvest fresh, healthful, beautiful produce every day.

We began with hopes of feeding ourselves healthy food. Now we want to help feed the community. We have been gardening here since 2010. Tigertoes is on the move, we have been farming on other peoples land until this year. Hurricane Irma caused extensive losses and got us to start looking for our own place where we have more control and we found it. We are very excited to have the opportunity to start this venture. We have been working hard to make it our own.

We are at The Alliance for the Arts Farmers Market every Saturday from 9 am to 1pm. or you can schedule a visit to the farm by calling Debby at 239-450-6060.


3821 Williamson Rd, Buckingham, FL 33905, USA


Phone: (239) 450-6060


Mon - Fri



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