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Sun Harvest Citrus

Sun Harvest Citrus offers farm fresh fruit, freshly squeezed juice, ice cream, and Floridian themed gifts for the whole family.

For over 30 years, Sun Harvest Citrus has supplied Southwest Florida with exceptional citrus and freshly squeezed juice unlike anything else in the market. Squeezed on site, and never pasteurized, Sun Harvest Citrus juices give customers a taste of real Florida orange juice, as nature intended. Alongside free samples of fresh picked citrus and their wide selection of fresh juices, Sun Harvest offers generous servings of tasty soft serve ice cream and a curated selection of locally produced gourmet food products.


14601 6 Mile Cypress Pkwy, Fort Myers, FL 33912, USA




Mon - Fri

9am- 8pm


9am- 8pm


9am- 8pm

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