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Stropharia Mushroom Farm

Stropharia Mushroom Farm

Stropharia Mushroom Farm is family owned and operated. SMF is located right here in Naples Florida. We are educating people in SWFL about the health benefits of delicious gourmet mushrooms. At SMF we grow organic gourmet mushrooms such as Lions Mane, Chestnut, Shiitake, Pioppino and various Oyster mushrooms.

Stropharia Mushroom Farm, LLC is committed to providing the freshest, safest, highest-quality mushrooms and mushroom products to our Customers and, in turn, the consumers. We support our Community with supporting our local schools and community events, clubs, and associations. The nature of mushroom cultivation is inherently good for the Environment. We are committed to conserving energy in our operations and using sustainable and recyclable materials and methods whenever possible.

You can follow our story on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube at Stropharia Mushroom Farm.


5385 Jaeger Rd #102, Naples, FL 34109, USA



Mon - Fri



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