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Erickson & Jensen Seafood

Erickson & Jensen "Pink Gold" Shrimp

The Erickson family has been in the fishing business for multiple generations. For almost 70 years, the Erickson’s family has been fishing for shrimp in the waters surrounding Fort Myers Beach. In 1949, the discovery of pink shrimp off Fort Myers Beach changed the area and shrimping forever. Coined ‘pink gold’ in the 1950’s because of their value to our local economy, this local commodity is native to the warm waters of the Gulf, sustainably sourced, BURSTING with flavor and has no additives or preservatives. In the 1950’s, San Carlos Island – the small island between the southwest Florida mainland and Fort Myers Beach’s main Estero Island – popped up as a makeshift village to provide the shrimping boats with food, ice, nets, repairs, equipment and other supplies. Docks and processing plants accommodated the offloading of the crustaceans for trans-shipment. A little town unto itself, that salty community still bustles along the island’s Estero Bay shores.

Why pink and not brown or white Gulf shrimp? The pink Gulf shrimp are prized for their sweet, tender meat, are caught fresh year-round, but are more abundant during winter months as they are a cold weather species, peaking from late fall until early spring. They are the largest of the species, highest is quality & test high in flavonoids. Flavonoids are powerful antioxidants with anti-inflammatory and immune system benefits.


1100 Shrimp Boat Lane, Fort Myers Beach, FL, USA




Mon - Fri

9 am- 6 pm


9 am- 6 pm



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