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Emerge Gardens

Emerge Gardens is an urban farm specializing in tower gardening, to provide clean and nutrient rich produce to Punta Gorda and the surrounding areas.

Emerge Gardens is an urban farm, specializing in tower gardening. We grow a variety of greens, from lettuces to chards. Our produce is free of pesticides and other harsh chemicals. We strive to provide the people of Punta Gorda and the surrounding area with clean nutrient rich produce.

Emerge Gardens - where every family has access to clean, healthy produce locally grown. Come visit us, 6427 Elliott Street Punta Gorda, FL Tueday thru Friday 9am to 4 pm or order on-line store to purchase boxes of fresh cut herbs and variety of lettuce & greens. We are also a Florida Dept of AG Certified Nursery offering many varieties of in seasonal seedling stock of fruit, vegetable, herbs, flower seedling in rockwool, and or coco coir medium that are ready for transplant in tower garden, garden tower or straight into soil. We use no herbicide or pesticides. You can also pick-up every Saturday at Punta Gorda’s Farmer’s Market 8am to 12 noon. we believe in the power of plants.


6427 Elliott St, Punta Gorda, FL 33950, USA


(941) 271-0442


Mon - Fri

9am-4pm Tuesday-Friday



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