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EFC Farms

one Earth…our Family…for our Community

With the motto of “one Earth…our Family…for our Community”, we are focused and driven to serve our community through the selling of our products to local restaurants and the public at our market and donating produce for the needy while treating our employees and associates as family to improve our only Earth through sustainable processes and eliminating waste. The farm is managed by Liz Jager and her husband, Mick Jager. We are excited to build from and improve upon the foundation initiated by the previous owners of the aquaponic growing system to produce our unique varieties of lettuce and other mixed greens utilizing organic products. We now have micro-greens and we will be adding more unique produce and products soon.


6901 Hendry Creek Dr, Fort Myers, FL 33908, USA


Phone: (239) 288-5117


Mon - Fri


9 am - 1 pm


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