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Alligators Inc.

Alligator Meat Direct from our Family Farm to Your Family

We offer Alligator Meat for purchase Wholesale or retail.

Our meat is de-fatted, cubed twice, and vacuum-sealed for freshness.

Our alligators are raised indoors in climate-controlled buildings and fed the best custom blended feed (56% protein and high fat) assuring an excellent result. Our alligators are NOT fed any growth hormones or steroids. They are NOT soaked in any preservatives such as Sodium Tripolyphosphate.

Alligator meat is an excellent choice for health-conscious friends and patrons. They are packed with protein even more than chicken, beef, or pork. Alligator is a lean white meat with a mild flavor like chicken and is low in fat and cholesterol. The tail contains most of the white meat, but the back loins, neck, and ribs are excellent as well. The legs contain a darker meat with a slightly more game taste.


28965 Obern Rd, Clewiston, FL 33440, USA


Phone: (239) 404-1189


Mon - Fri



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