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Ezra Long
Ezra Long

[S3E8] Staring At The Sun ##HOT##

Francis Dolarhyde (Richard Armitage) sits in a cafeteria and begins reading a copy of Time covering The Great Red Dragon Paintings. He is so enamored with the image that he begins to mold himself into a version of the paintings, having The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in Sun tattooed on his back and purchasing a set of custom-made jagged dentures. Three years after the events of the previous episode, Lecter has been institutionalized and Alana Bloom is now the administrator at the hospital, due to Chilton resigning to become a best-selling author of true crime volumes. Dolarhyde practices speaking with his cleft upper lip and is then seen standing naked outside a home, covered in blood and staring up at the full moon. Chilton has dinner with Lecter in his cell, where he reveals his next book is about Dolarhyde, who has been given the nickname The Tooth Fairy. He has a conversation with Bloom, where she reveals that Lecter has written an article for the American Journal of Psychiatry refuting much of what Chilton has written about him. He suggests that Dolarhyde will inspire Lecter to "keep himself interesting". Dolarhyde is seen watching film when the projector blows out; he has a hallucination. He compiles news clippings in a large book, detailing not just his own crimes but articles on Lecter. Crawford goes to visit Graham, who is now living with his new wife Molly (Nina Arianda) and her eleven year-old son. Crawford has come to get Will's assistance on the Dolarhyde killings, but he is highly resistant after his previous experiences. Molly knows that Crawford will take Graham regardless, and he promises to make it easy on him. Molly and Will have a heartfelt conversation where she encourages him to leave and help. Graham reads a letter he has received from Lecter as well as overlooking a news report on the killings before throwing both into the fire. He travels to Buffalo, New York, and reenacts the killing in his mind. Price, Zeller, and Graham determine that the killer placed pieces of broken mirror in the eyes of the victims so he could look at himself, obtain a partial print off one of the victims' eyes, and create a mold of his distinctive teeth. Dolarhyde works in his house, where he begins to have another hallucination. Graham tells Crawford that he has to go visit Lecter. He and Lecter greet one another in the asylum.

[S3E8] Staring at the Sun

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The trio then return to Camelot but Gwaine had been sent to exile by King Uther some time back. So, he stops at the border. But Arthur thanks him and tells him that his help will not be forgotten. Arthur then presents the court with the trident and Uther tells him that he has proven himself worthy of the throne, unaware of the fact that Merlin had been with Arthur. Later on, Merlin shows Gaius the vial Fisher King had given him. Gaius realises its significance and puts forth his concerns on Morgana and her intentions. The episode ends with Merlin staring at the vial.

The fun parts of this episode were so fun! In this episode and in this season, the friendships really sing. Bette and Alice silently arguing about the alcohol, and Alice instantly clocking that Shane had hooked up with the wedding planner, Dani fully crying about how much she loves having a friendship with Sophie, and the og characters staring at the cake and reminiscing on the wild stuff they used to get up to was all funny and sweet.

The episode begins with Leonardo, armed with a bow and arrow and up high in a tree, hunting a deer in the woods. Leo is about to shoot the deer when it detects his presence and runs away. Leo jumps down from the tree, tweaking his leg in doing so. As he looks up, he realizes that the deer is in front of him, staring him down. Leo watches as it's shrouded in light for a moment before it charges him and attacks. The deer viciously kicks Leo many times before running away once again, leaving Leo alone. 041b061a72


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